Rapper Yung Vito Takes The Stand For Murder Of Slim Dunkin

Back in December of 2011 Bricksquad affiliate Slim Dunkin was fatally shot and killed by fellow rapper Yung Vito at a local studio in Atlanta. It seemed as if these two were destined to get into some sort of confrontation that night. Just prior to these events going down Dunkin was rapping and mentioned he was going to “Put 2 shots” in Yung Vito’s head. This eventually led to these 2 MC’s getting into a brawl and sadly ended with Dunkin being murdered. Well a few days ago Vito was in court and his attorneys are trying to say it was in self defense as Dunkin was the one who had the gun and attacked Vito, while Vito felt threatned in the midst of everything Vito grabbed the gun and shot the rapper in his abdomen and he bled to death. The attorneys are warning everyone to be prepared for hostile witnesses as this case goes on.