Skooly “Kim x Rose”

Skooly (@SB_Skooly), the father of Atlanta sing-rapping, begins to pave the way for his upcoming tape “The Blacc John Gotti”. “Kim x Rose” has Skooly rapping a lot harder than melodic stylings usually indicate. Ironic, given the topic of the track is females. Regardless, I rode this out in the car today, and it passes…


Ludacris “Charge It To The Rap Game”

Ludacris (@ludacris) continues to display how much he’s in rare form with another lyrically driven offering called “Charge It To The Rap Game”. This joint comes just shortly after “Beast Mode“, both tracks apart of Luda’s forthcoming album “Ludaversal“. The Fast and Furious actor kicks brutally honest bars about rappers personas, the smoke and mirrors…