Drake ft. Tinashe “On A Wave” + “Go Out Tonight”

Drake’s (@Drake @Tinashe) Views From The 6 are becoming clearer. The MC’s collaboration with Tinashe, “On A Wave” is now available to be heard. In addition, another leak, “Go Out Tonight”, has also popped up. Both lean toward Drake’s R&B inclinations, with “Go Out Tonight” even sounding reminiscent of old Thank Me Later-era Drake. Listen…


Zach Farlow “Pullin Up”

Atlanta rapper/singer Zach Farlow (@zachfarlow) has announced the sequel to last year’s The Great Escape mixtape, and is beginning the campaign for The Great Escape 2 with the plodding heat-rock “Pullin Up”. The powerful, down-tempo single, produced by Deafh, is guaranteed to have you trunk rattling or your speakers broken. If this doesn’t happen, feel…