Phil Beaudreau – ‘Spark’ + ‘Take It High’ + ‘Buried Alive’

@DawaunParker‘s artist @PhilBeaudreau releases his 3 debut songs for the masses. From his forthcoming project ETHER, dropping later this year, he starts the year off with a bang with these 3 incredible songs. Check out the 3 song extravaganza below. #AoE. Advertisements


Youtube Administers The Fade On Record Labels; Remove Billions Of False Video Plays

Men lie, women lie and numbers don’t…well, unless of course you’re Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj. Youtube confirmed that after a massive internal auditing, they’ve found that a slew of artists music videos have been inflated using methods to project falsified view counts. Universal Music Group lost over a billion hits on videos from artists…


Phil Beaudreau To Release His Debut Songs Next Week

@PhilBeaudreau has been working closely with @DawaunParker on his debut EP, ETHER, slated for a 2013 release. The project is self-penned and arranged by Phil, with D-Park serving as executive producer. We’ve already heard Phil on D-Park’s “Lost,” & “Until It’s Done,” and now it’s time for singer-songwriter/instrumentalist to showcase his own artistry. We’re expecting…