VIDEO: Talib Kweli Performs New Song In Toronto

@TalibKweli was in T Dot at the Sound Academy and decided to test out some new material from his upcoming album Prisoner Of Conscious. Check it out at the 2:50 mark. He also transitions into a tribute for the late Beastie Boy, MCA.

Source: Walder

VIDEO: Jay-Z & Kanye West Perform “Niggas In Paris” In Paris

They should’ve never gave these niggas passports *Rick James voice*. Yeezy and Hov tore it down in Paris and set the international record of performing their hit single off Watch The Throne. Peep how everyone gets buck when they perform, even down to Beyonce.

UPDATE: HD Footage.

Source: RR x JetSetDex

George Zimmerman Bond Revoked By Florida Judge

Well who would’ve guessed that George Zimmerman would lie about something in this on going and controversial case? Shocking…not really. Judge Lester ruled in favor of the prosecutor in the case for Zimmerman bond to be revoked after it was discovered his finances were misinterpreted. In other words, he misreported his income to receive a…