Prison Break: Lil Boosie To Be Released From Jail Febraury 13th

Free at last. After being locked up since 2009, rapper Lil Boosie has spent his time behind bars at Angola State Prison for drug charges and probation violation. Every year he’s been incarcerated his fan base or at least hype to his fan base has grown to the point even Rick Ross made an offer…


Joey Badass Talks Kendrick Control Verse, "1 Train" Video & Rappers Old Tweets

Joey Badass (@joeybadass_) kicked it with MiMi while on the road for The Smoker’s Club tour while in Phoenix, Arizona. To start off, Joey talks about his tour life and the subtle differences in his life now that he’s become successful in the rap game. Joey also reveals that since he’s already got to rap…