Snoop Dogg Apologizes For Iggy Azalea Beef

After kicking over Iggy’s fort, Snoop Dogg (@snoopdogg) got a call from T.I. and has now apparently squashed the ongoing feud between himself and Iggy Azalea. What started off as a harmless joke on Instagram escalated quickly into a war of words…and more Instgram posts (?!). However, T.I. shows why he’s The Kang (of peer…


Prison Break: Bitch Ass J$tash Surrenders To Police For Assaulting Girlfriend

First off, J$tash (@FuckUSluts) is a faggot. If you aren’t familiar with this unaccomplished struggle rapper, he made headlines a few weeks back after it was reported that he physically assaulted his now ex-girlfriend Danielle Phaeton (Danii Phae). Phae, a model and event host widely known for her Tumblr presence took to her very own…