Ludacris Disses Drake And Big Sean On “1.21 Gigawatts” Mixtape?

@Ludacris seems to be letting off a couple shots in the direction of the new comers. Interestingly enough, Drake has already expressed his views on jabs being thrown and denied in his interview with Complex. The back story to this stems from an interview Drizzy did with AHH a year ago, where he addresses the Big Sean “Supa Dupa Flow” being popularized by him and running rampant through rappers verses all of a sudden. What you may have missed is, one of the lines Drake quoted to poke fun at, came from Luda’s verse on “My Chick Bad” featuring Young Money’s Barbie, Nicki Minaj. I think you can pretty much fill in the blanks, cross word. The thing that caught my ear the most is that, the record itself is prefaced by a skit which travels through time and pulls various quotes, when rappers have used versions of that shortened punchline style. check it out below.

Ludacris – History (Interlude)

Ludacris – Bada Boom

Joe Budden – “Quality Of Life” (Prod. The Klasix)

@JoeBudden tosses up another track produced by The Klasix. “The girls come at a high volume but I never turn ’em down” + “but my current situation, is that I keep meeting chicks lookin for a way outta they current situation” Waiting for this new project.

DOWNLOAD: Joe Budden – Quality Of Life