the ILLZ x Don Mamas Radio Pt. 1

Straight out of Rutgers University, The ILLZ visits Don Mamas. They talk about basically everything from his music, women, his background, and more… Also, on Tuesday ,Septemeber 15,2009 The ILLZ will be performing at Club Rebel at 9PM along side JY, Yung Nate, Donny Goines, Neako & many more


Kanye West Spazzes Out @ MTV 2009 VMAs

#VMAs In another display of bad taste at nationally televised awards shows. Kanye West outburst in distaste of Taylor Swift winning over Beyonce. Shoutouts to BDot’s Du-Rag on the footage. I sense a “Come Get This Fool” from Lowkey in the not too distance tomorrow. UPDATE: Katy Perry goes in on Kanye..dang it bobby *Hank…