XV Interview With TheWellVersed

@XtotheV chops it up with Andreas about his forthcoming album, signing to Warner Bros, being an emcee that hails from Kansas and more.

TheWellVersed: You were a totally different artist when you first dropped Complex several years ago. What happened?

XV: When I first got into it, I did what every other artist normally does when they start doing music and that’s mimicking what they like, what they listen to and what they see. I was fifteen when I started rapping (hence the name XV) and I was heavy into Jay-Z’s Hard Knock Life Vol 2 so I was rapping about trafficking. It’s so silly. People that knew me would be like ‘what are you doing?’

TWV: Then what happened?

XV: There are a lot of people who make it in this industry who came up on a life that they never lived. I figured that I needed to be what I really am in this music industry. I grew up on Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Cake. I’m a huge gamer. I’m a comic book geek. That is all a part of how I really grew up. My grandmother would take me to a comic book store every Saturday.