Prison Break: Lil Za Pleads Guilty To Felony Drug Possession In Justin Biber Raid

Earlier this year Justin Bieber got his door kicked in while cops were waiving their .44’s. One person in connection with the raid was Biebervelli’s comrade Lil Za, a rapper from Houston, Texas. Za was cuffed and taken into custody then later charged with drug possession, not to mention fined for destroying a pay phone…


Future “Honest” Vs Iggy Azalea “The New Classic” First Week Sales

Future (@1future @iggyazalea) entered the charts with their respective bodies of work. Those being Future’s sophomore effort “Honest” and Iggy Azalea’s debut LP “The New Classic” (which Complex says is anything but) which fell victim to the soundtrack for Frozen but still managed to land in top spots on the charts. However, there’s conflicting reports…