Royce Da 5’9 – New Money (Prod. Streetrunner)

@RoyceDaFive9 um yeah I’m a need for Kino to make sure these things end up in my mailbox from now on. #okbye First single from the upcoming Street Hop album due out October 20th (same day as Wale eh?). DJ Premier named as Executive Producer for the album contributing as many as 6 original cuts.…


Chris Brown Vs. Tila Tequila

@MechanicalDummy fires back @OfficialTila in this Twitter Jihad that she’s waged on Shawne Merriman after dragging the country boy from Tappahannock into her mess. I personally would prefer if she just not exist and be tossed in that rectangular vortex zone Superman used to trap Zod. ..but that’s just me. Hit the jump to see…


MTV VMA’s Winners List

I’m not sure if this is 100% legit but if it is, that only makes me greater for obtaining it before hand right? right. okay..only one way to find out..*goes off to find live stream of this*. Click the image to enlarge, another flick after the jump.