Charles Hamilton – This Perfect Life (Unreleased Album)

By now everyone has probably heard due to the buzzin of this news circulating the internet(s). Friend and one of my more favored XXL Freshmen; Charles Hamilton has been released from his contract with Interscope Records. I’ve spoken to several people from CH’s circle..One being his former manager who has confirmed the split from Interscope.…


Drake Vs Kia Shine

I heard about this nonsense days ago and really didn’t have an opinion on it at first until I reviewed all the facts. Apparently Drake was under the impression there was gloating that #KiaShineWrote Best I Ever Had. Kia clarified saying he wasn’t taking credit or making claims to ghostwriting for Drake but stating a…


Alicia Keys Addresses Lil Mama Fiasco

@AliciaKeys made a guest appearance on the Today show and was hit with the question regarding Lil Mama’s terrible attempt of getting shine. At first she deflected but then finally says “I would’ve preferred if she had did it (the “celebrating new york”) from her seat” POW right in the kisser. PREVIOUS: Alicia Keys –…