Wale x DMV Hip-Hop Article On Washington Post

@Wale @DJAlizay @PhilAde301 @BKSCraigB and more all receive mention in this introspective piece about the DMV Hip-Hop scene on The Washington Post website. Apparently the writer briefly touched on the tension between Wale and WKYS 93.9 Radio Station, and guess who was cited there? HA! Overall this was a good look for the DMV. Congrats…


Avery Storm – Don’t Do It

@AveryStorm @ScramJones @DJGreenLantern present the Category 5 mixtape dropping at midnight, visit IAmAveryStorm.com. This track is more of a dark and emotional type track. Shows a more unstable side of Avery, almost like if Eminem could sing. Production is on point and he gives you more insight of past and current mind state with this.…