Slaughterhouse BEHIND THE SCENES “Microphone” [Video]

@RoyceDaFive9 @MouseBudden @JoellOrtiz @TherealCrookedI getting ready for their video release of Microphone. RR comes through with the footage of the supergroup filming out in Arizona. PREVIOUS: Slaughterhouse Filming Microphone Video Shoot Advertisements


Perez Hilton Gets Punked On Phone Call

Today @PerezHilton attacked @MechanicalDummy (Chris Brown) via twitter. Criticizing and calling him out of his name. The site was temporarily down for maintenance and I don’t have class for another 3 hours so I decided to put my energy into something positive (sorta). After a few contacts were made, I came up with addresses and…


Dame Dash Don’t Want It With Hov

Ol buddy says he doesn’t want any beef with anyone. “I’m not teaching violence. No beef! None of that. I don’t have beef with nobody.” Continued by telling MTV “I love Jay, I love Beans — what’s the reason for beef?” Dash responded. “That’s stupid. What’s the reason for beef? People die, people don’t feel…