50 Cent Covers XXL December/January Issue

XXFail is featuring Curtis for their December and January issues. That doesn’t really strike my interest as much as the the top right corner “The 100 Best Hip-Hop Websites”. As most of you know, I participated in an online competition through XX(fai)L in which I was subsequently robbed. I wasn’t too much upset over the…


Tahiry x 50 Cent Vs Joe Budden x Somaya Reece

@MouseBudden @Somaya_Reece @therealTahiry @50Cent. I’m not really into the whole “who’s dating who thing”..this ain’t a gossip blog..I leave that bullshit for Sandra Rose Bathing Ape looking ass. However, this I find interesting..to say the least. I won’t say any more than that though (No Comment ©), “people” already think I “use them for site…


Phil Ade – Hollywood (Video)

I’m honestly pissed I missed @PhilAde301’s video shoot. Nonetheless I’m proud my homie got his video premiered on Okayplayer..funny how other blogs managed to overlook this still *Shakes Head*. If this is your first time hearing Phil you’re in for a treat, the video was directed by Tabi Bonney. Phil was Artist of the Month…