What If Kanye West Punched Jay Leno In The Face?

Well if you saw the title of this post and wanted to envision how that might’ve went down. Jay Leno creates a scene of how that would of looked the night Leno asked the Louis Vuitton Don “What would your mother think?” in regards to the VMA incident with Taylor Swift. Editors Note: Why DIDN’T…


Lupe Fiasco’s Message To Music Blogs

Lupe (@LupeFiasco) took to his blog on again to speak on yet another leak from his album. According to Chi Town Guevara, the song that prematurely made it’s way to the internets earlier today isn’t the completed version as was the case with the Shining Down fiasco, no pun intended. Sorry Wasalu, We’re looking forward…


Freeway x Jake One ft. Bun B – Sho Nuff

And the last @PhillyFreezer @JakeUno related post of the night is a leak off their album. Again the album drops Feb. 16th PURCHASE NOW like I did! ha! [wpaudio url=”http://www.ddotomen.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Freeway__Jake_One_feat_Bun_B-Sho_Nuff_DDot_Omen.mp3″ text=”class=”wpaudio”>Freeway & Jake One feat. Bun B – Sho Nuff” dl=”0″]