Nicki Minaj feat. Will.I.Am – Check It Out [Tagged]

@NickiMinaj teamed up with @IamWill for a track that could possibly be on her debut Pink Album LP which drops November 23rd. YoungMoneyHD got their hands on this and a lot more exclusives on their LimeLights Exclusive 3 tape that drops Sept 1st. Is it just me or did Will I Am take the swag…


50 Cent Terrorizes Twitter

@50Cent made waves today on Twitter. Why is a rapper tweeting “news”? well most pages are operated by people in my line of work (new media department) so for someone like Curtis to actually be on a computer on a rampage made for serious lulz. 50 waged war on everyone from the blog community, to…


D.C.’s 930 Club Starts Record Label

@930ClubDC is without doubt one of the DMV’s pillars in the music scene. Artists of all genres frequent the club yearly to perform and bring tours through the Metro area. I’ve personally have too many of the best memories at this place to begin talking about. The 1,200 capacity filling venue has ventured off into…