J. Cole Freestyles @ University Of Missouri Mizzou

This is actually the same verse he did out at the House of Blues but this video has the beginning of it. Advertisements


Photo Op: Odd Future Meets With Steve Rifkind

@SteveRifkind‘s twitter thirst landed him a table discussion with Golf Wang. Of course, he met Tyler’s list of random but reasonable demands. I hope they don’t sign with SRC, it’ll be an untimely demise of their crew and brand. But hey! what do I know? I’m just a blogger in a struggle to keep his…


J. Cole – Killers

A reference that won’t be appearing on Jermaine’s debut album floats it’s way to the interwebs. Turns out this isn’t just a leaked reference after all. This is a single created for Alex Haldi’s mixtape dropping next month. Read below: Celebrated creative mind Alex Haldi has collaborated with some of music’s biggest stars including Jay-Z,…