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DYSON “Up All Night”

Meet DYSON (@IamDysonOnline), soon to be one of the biggest names in pop music. The British singer/songwriter has flexed her pen game for the likes of Astrid S and Wiktoria but now she's stepping out on for solo glory. DYSON's debut single "Up All Night" gets things jump started just in time for the summer [...]

Ameriie “Drive” EP

Ameriie (@ameriie) is back with her "DRIVE" EP in tow. Ameriie appeared on The Breakfast Club and promised DRIVE is one of two EP's she plans to drop this year. The DC singer/songwriter rose to popularity in the mid 2000's then disappeared for no rhyme or reason. However, it doesn't seem as if she's missed [...]

Ameriie On The Breakfast Club

Ameriie (@Ameriie) resurfaced from purgatory and sat down with The Breakfast Club for a lengthy interview. Ameriie addresses her hiatus from music, label changes, dating her manager who she eventually married and their relationship. Ameriie also clarified the changing of her name, creative outlets/expression and EP's she has on the way. Watch below.