Cassidy Arrested As Suspect In Murders

Cassidy got hemmed up yesterday by the Hackensack New Jersey Police for a warrant he had open on him for violating probation. But wait, it gets worse, Cassidy, gov’t Barry Reese is a suspect in a murder and two attempted murders back in Philadelphia. North Jersey Advertisements


VIDEO: J. Cole Denies Tension With Jay-Z Rumor

In this clip, Jermaine stops by HOT 9.37 radio station after performing at CCSU to talk with the On-Air Idiots about rumors circulating that Hov was allegedly growing impatient with his oft delayed debut album. The Dreamvillain tells Kevin W that it’s completely false. He did however explain his approach of not utilizing Jay-Z’s star…


VIDEO: Odd Future Fans Riot In Boston

@OFWGKTA continue to leave their mark, as things got out of hand during Tyler, The Creator’s album signing at a comic book store in Boston on Newbury street. The Golf Wang hooligans took to the rooftop of the store to excite their fans and pandemonium ensued. Law enforcement arrived to clear the streets, which resulted…