VIDEO: Justin Bieber Takes The Fade At Perfume Launch

@JustinBieber can never have a smooth publicized event. Yesterday at Herald Square branch of Macy’s in NYC, The Bieb held the launch of his newest product, Someday, a fragrance which includes perfume, hair and body mist. Everything was going according to plan until the pop star went outside of the store where a mob of…


Odd Future & Chris Brown End Feud

The two parties involved in this beef have called a truce. Chris Brown extended the olive branch via Twitter, to which OFWGKTA front man, Tyler, The Creator responded and accepted. This began with an exchange back and forth in 140 characters or less, then taken on stage during a show, which eventually spilled into the…


Mary J. Blige – “Hero”

After the shit storm that came with that fake track sent our way the other day, Low/Jack (see what I did there)? deliver an official joint from the Queen of R&B. My Life II: The Journey Continues is looking at a Sept 20th. release. [audio:]