Nicki Minaj Vs. Scaff Beezy: 911 Phone Call Released

The details surrounding Nicki Minaj and her Manetary (Male Secretary), Scaff Beezy have been hazy, as the rapstress originally denied being assaulted by her confidant. Later, the police report surfaced, which countered her attempt on damage control, but seems like TMZ has once again opened the wound by obtaining the audio from 911 call during…


Exhibit A: The Silver Lining

This game you can never win. Cause first they love you, then they hate you and they love you again. As displayed, one of my respected peers had an identical situation, roughly 2 years back. Now, this isn’t a finger point or scapegoat by any means, at all. The purpose of this entry is to…



If you’ve been on my BBM or followed me over the last year, you’ve probably seen this image before. People always asked “what the fuck is that?” It’s stood as a symbol for many years. Referring back to what I said regarding “heroes”, I didn’t find mine or one I could identify with, until well…