VIDEO: Young Jeezy Reacts To TM103 Leak, Breaks Down “I Do”, “OJ” & “Supafreak”

@DJGreenLantern brought @YoungJeezy up to his radio show for an interview yesterday. In the first half of the segment, Jizzle is kind enough to break to shed light on I Do, OJ & Supafreak. In doing so, he also gave his feelings on the leak that sprung (5:00), don’t worry though he’s not mad he’s…


Megaupload Sues Universal Music Group For Blocking Ad Campaign

Big bank take little bank? It appears that after Megaupload launched their latest viral campaign, using various artists and celebrity figures (such as Kanye West, The Game etc.) to plug their file sharing services. However, the notorious UMG later had the companies videos pulled from Youtube, citing their artists appear in the clips without consent…