Nas Reacts To Jay-Z Summer Jam “Lynching” Video

@Nas sat down with MTV to talk about the mini-documentary that surfaced a few days ago which unveiled his plans to diss his former nemesis Jay-Z at Summer Jam 2002. The clip contained an effigy of Hov being hanged from a platform. The little homie says “I don’t even want to acknowledge it. Jay’s my…


VIDEO: The MAJORS – ‘It’s A Frustrating Time For Some Of You…’ (Episode 1)

@JasFly has brought together some esteemed industry personalities and producers/artists for a new series where Hip-Hop meets Fantasy League. Take your favorite artists, their labels and the shenanigans they get into daily and put into a weekly league, shake well and voila, you have the MAJORS. With the highly successful webisodes of Jumpoff TV and…