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Jhené Aiko “While We’re Young” Download / Stream

Jhené Aiko (@JheneAiko) releases "While Were Young", a new offering presumably from her forthcoming album tentatively titled TRIP. This is the first we've heard from the Los Angeles singer since "Maniac" and her critically acclaimed debut album Souled Out. Jhené sings about free falling love and intimacy over a soft and cushy sound bed, a [...]

Daytime Divas Season 1 Episode 1

Daytime Divas Season 1 Episode 1. Click NEXT PAGE or 2 to watch. NEXT PAGE var OX_ads = OX_ads || []; OX_ads.push({ slot_id: "538600134_INSERT_SLOT_ID_HERE", auid: "538600134" }); var __kx_ad_slots = __kx_ad_slots || []; (function () { var slot = 9564; var h = false; __kx_ad_slots.push(slot); if (typeof __kx_ad_start == 'function') { __kx_ad_start(); } else { [...]