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Birdman “Respek” Video

Birdman (@Birdman5Star) drops the official video for "Respek", a song created after his outburst on The Breakfast Club went hilariously viral across the internet. Stay tuned for Birdman's album Ms. Glady's on June 24th. Watch below.
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Birdman “RESPEK”

Birdman (@Birdman5Star) takes his viral slogan from his infamous interview on The Breakfast Club. and put it's into a song aptly titled "Respek". Look out for his forthcoming solo album Ms Gladys dropping on June 24th. Listen below.

Birdman Has “Respek” T-Shirts For Sale

Birdman (@Birdman5Star) may not have earned respek for his outburst on The Breakfast Club but he will earn some revenue from the shirts he'll be selling. After the confrontational interview went viral and overflowed with memes, Birdman decided to capitalize and monetize the stand out quotes from his classic moment with merch, which you can [...]

Lil Wayne & Birdman Reunite In Miami

So happy together. Lil Wayne and Birdman tensions seems to have eased a bit on New Year's Eve at a party where Drake was hosting. Seems like the family affairs are in order as the two appeared on stage together at Club LIV. Birdman even got on the mic and said he would kill for [...]