10 - DDotOmen


My brand, my only child..DDOTOMEN IS 10 YEARS OLD TODAY. If you ask 10 different people “what I do” you’d get 10 different answers but this is at the root of it all. I started this blog as a college dropout with no plans for the future and no idea where it would take me but it literally took me around the world. I’m forever grateful for all the support and people I’ve met over the years through this brand. I never thought I’d be able to make so many of my dreams come true but here we are. Real nigga tears are coming as I think where this all started and where I am now. I’ve truly been blessed and thank you all for riding with me this long. I’m not big on speeches but if you can spare any donations click the link to raise money to keep this going. Thank you ALL so much.


Mac Miller x DDotOmen.com Interview from DDotOmen on Vimeo.