I text Jon Connor (@jonconnormusic @kekepalmer) a few days ago once I was caught up on the recent chain of events that’s happened in Flint and was rudely awakened by what he had to say. While unfortunately it’s no secret and almost common knowledge that Flint is probably one of the most impoverished cities in America. I spoke to my long time friend and Aftermath signee about the devastation and what we plan to do going forward to help the efforts.

Most have taken this an opportunity for publicity with “charitable donations”, it’s different for a native of the city, who’s there at his mothers home, brushing his teeth via bottled water.

In the mean time, Connor, who has been a protege of Dr. Dre for the past few years decided to pour his heart out into “Fresh Water For Clint”, assisted by singer/actress Keke Palmer. Produced by The Fr3shmen. Listen below.