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Q&A: Brandon Thomas, Producer of OG Maco’s “U Guessed It”


The club is packed. You’re a few whiskey drinks deep. The females are all acting bougie or thottish and not worth your time. The DJ isn’t too bad, he’s playing some bangers here and there.

Then you hear them.

The distinct piano keys. The basic melody that causes a Pavlovian hysteria no matter the setting. You and your boys start talking shit and preparing for the insanity that’s about to occur. OG Maco’s smash hit “U Guessed It” is about to drop, but before that even happens, those aforementioned plucks of the piano are the signature that lets you know it’s time to go crazy, and Brandon Thomas of Atlanta is the one to thank for that.

On the heels of premiering his new EP “Good Things Take Time Vol 1.” with us earlier, we spoke with Brandon on getting connected with OGG, his inspirations, the REAL story behind “U Guessed It”, and much more. Read on the next page to continue.