I’ve been up the few days trying to ignore and suppress my emotions to this heinous crime when I heard the news about Mike Brown being gunned down in Ferguson, Missouri. As a 25 year old black male in America, you don’t even need to ask how I feel about cops. It brings be great pleasure to photo I.D. the “man” believed to be responsible for the death of Mike Brown. Thanks to Anonymous for revealing his name, I went and did a little digging of my own. Take a look. I could be wrong so God help whoever it is in that case, but then again if they can be trigger happy, so can I.

UPDATE: Bryan Willman’s entire Facebook page has now been deactivated.

I looked up any results of law enforcement in St. Louis matching up with the name “Bryan Willman”, what did I find? a Bryan Willman who worked at Saint Ann, Missouri Police Department.

Guess what? Saint Ann, Missouri is roughly 15 minutes from Ferguson, Missouri.

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