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It Could Happen To You: An Interview With G-Eazy

G-Eazy (@g_eazy) has been on the road but not off the radar. We caught up with the hybrid producer/rap singer as he trekked across the country for his co-headlining tour with MMG’s Rockie Fresh. G-Eazy opened up to us about being Bay Area bred and New Orleans chiseled and the contrast between his own tour and and opening for Lil Wayne.

We probed G-Eazy about what he has in store for fans with his upcoming album “These Things Happen“, advice fo Justin Bieber’s troubles and his take on Macklemore sweeping at the Grammys. read below and on the next pages.

On touring:

It’s been amazing. It’s been a dream. This is what you work for, when you finally get to headline your own tour, you know what I mean? To hear these kids scream like this—it’s dope. It’s amazing. Everything’s been sold out.

On touring with Lil Wayne then headlining his own tour:

You gotta pay dues. For every tour you open up is you working towards being able to do this. I would watch Wayne every night and be like ‘I can’t wait to have that.’ I’m on my headlining tip and it’s like that, on  a smaller scale, but it feels special because they’re here for me.

It’s more luxurious, ‘cause we make more money but it’s also more hectic.  If you’re opening, you’re only playing for a short set. I gotta go out and perform for an hour everyday, workout throughout the day.

On touring alongside and collaborating with Rockie Fresh:

Rockie’s the homie. I was a fan of his music and he was a fan of mine and we connected. It just made sense. I like to tour with people when it makes sense creatively, when you’re a fan of what they’re doing. You have to see them everyday for two months, and listen to their music everyday.

On the inspiration behind “Almost Famous” video (watch below):

Somebody on my team came up with the original idea. We just thought it’d be a super dope concept to visualize me on all these magazine covers. We tried to do it all in one take, but that walking from cover to cover was not easy, but we just all worked on the treatment and kept fine tuning before it came together.