This. girl. just got fired. Anyone want to take a guess what Alicia Keys BBM Pin is? It doesn’t matter at this point as she’s no longer on board at Blackberry following massive layoffs at the Smartphone company. According to the NY TIMES, Blackberry lost 4.4 billion dollars in their fourth quarter reports, which also adds insult to injury when you factor in the fact iPhone made BBM available on iPhone 5.

Now, you’re probably wondering why Alicia Keys was appointed Creative Director in the first place but then you’d have to beg the same question of Pharrell’s position at Karmaloop, along with a slew of other celebrity artists being appointed to “Creative Director” gigs over the last year or so.

In any case, Alicia helped usher in the Blackberry 10 phones which didn’t see much success compared to Samsung Galaxy or iPhone 5. Adam Emery, a spokesperson for Blackberry simply stated “BlackBerry and Alicia Keys have completed our yearlong collaboration” when asked about the relationship ending.

It probably didn’t help that the GRAMMY winning singer was tweeting from her iPhone either but I digress. John S. Chen maintains he’s refocusing the direction of the company in the new year.