Tyrese (@Tyrese) was a fellow co-star along side Paul Walker in the franchise series of Fast and Furious. In fact, the singer/actor was set to resume filming with his fallen comrade this week for Fast And Furious 7, which has now tragically been interrupted.

Tyrese showed up earlier today at the final resting place of Walker, who died after a car he was passenger in collided with a tree and traffic light. It’s reported that Paul was leaving a charity event to raise funds for the typhoon disaster in the Philippines.

Mourners gathered and stood in silence as Tyrese roamed around the crash site and broke down into tears by the grief of his close friend passing.

Also, there’s been a “Facebook status” floating around social media sites that allegedly captures Walker’s daughter, Meadow Walker leaving a message in regards to the passing of her father. However, reps have shot down such claims and reported the page to Facebook which has now been shut down.