Oh deer. Yelawolf (@Yelawolf) and @Macklemore may not be doing any collaborations any time soon. It appears Catfish Billy in fact has a bone to pick with the Macklemore over what he feels is a swagger jack from his brand.

Yelawolf was present at Osheaga in Montreal to perform when he was approached by a fan who requested a photo op, the way Yela tells it is that he was suspicious of the shirt and asked the fan for a good look at the shirt. He then looked down and realized it wasn’t his merch and belonged to Macklemore.

The Shady 2.0 protege took issue with this and confronted the “Thrift Shop” rapper immediately following his set asking him about the Deer logo, which in his defense he has been using for quite sometime and was even on the cover art for his debut album “Radioactive”.

Following the run in with Macklemore, Yelawolf took to his social networks to put Mackelmore on blast, who hasn’t responded to any of the claims. Can’t we all just get along?