I had the opportunity to speak with super producer Bangladesh and have to say it may be one of the best interviews I’ve done with someone. A cool and relaxed Shondrae Crawford is seated in the studio as I try to fix the technical difficulties with my Skype account and figure out how we were going to conduct the interview.

Once we got the ball rolling and had some small talk, the multi-platinum hit maker allowed me to dive right into the questions. For those that don’t know, Bangladesh just released a solid body of work called Ponzi Scheme which you can listen to here.

I chopped it up with the man behind Lil Wayne’s “A Milli”, Beyonce’s “Diva” and a ton of other chart toppers about a plethora of things, where we covered a list of artists he wants to work with but hasn’t yet, as well as some he just finished producing for and who he’s currently in the studio with, which we got some interesting answers about.

Let’s get the proceedings proceeding.