Artwork: Pusha T Ft. Rick Ross - Millions

Artwork: Pusha T Ft. Rick Ross – Millions

@Pusha_T & @RickyRozay come together and collab on Push’s new single dropping very soon. With Ross on the mic and Southside & Rico Beats behind the boards, it sounds like a crazy record. we’ll find out soon. Check out below what Push had to say about it.

When I drop music, I aim to make u muthafuckas cry!! My true fans/family know I strive for perfection. If Def Jam is waiting on my album, what the fuck makes u think u aint gonna wait on this mixtape? It’s like when a women/man is a virgin, if u love that bitch/nigga U WILL WAIT!! Wrath of Caine… @stevenvictor quit going back and forth abt which version we should use…DROP BOTH THEM HOES!! I don’t give a fuck!! Save the critical analysis for “My Name is My Name”