It seems as if the tensions between Spaceghostpurrp and A$AP Mob finally came to ahead tonight after a show at the Fillmore in Miami. Word on the tweets is, SGP, alongside Raider Klan brought the ruckus outside in the parking a lot where ASAP Mob tour buses were stationed. Raider Klan members taunted ASAP through a series of tweets and an altercation occurred. No reports of any serious injuries or fatalities so hopefully this was just a little dust up like the BET Award incidents. However, SpaceGhostpurrp was arrested or restrained/detained at the very least. More on this as it happens. Take a look at the play by play below.

UPDATE: Someone from Raider Klan just informed me that SGP was not arrested. Here’s a video clip that show the Police with SGP cuffed though, no idea what actually happened prior to the footage of below taken place. I just hope no one did anything stupid that will cost them their freedom.