Pac Div will be dropping their sophomore album on November 27th. The LA trio have been mum since the release of their debut album “The DiV” on UMG but good to see their back at it again. Take a look at who’ve they called on for this sophomore effort.

1. Intro

2. The Return F. Ty$

3. Bank

4. Truth

5. Sneakerboxes F. Chip Gnarly & Big Sik

6. Faircrest Heights (Interlude)

7. Slow

8. Can’t Help It

9. Fuck Y’All F. Kurupt & DJ Battlecat

10. Black Acura F. Mac Miller

11. Automatic

12. Cross-Trainers F. Kendrick Lamar & Blu

13. Debo

14. No Superman

15. Savages F. Big Sik & Edbone

16. La Cienaga Luxor F. Big Sik

17. It’s All Love F. Elway 7 & Edbone

Source: Prefix