You might have heard how all hell broke loose yesterday at the BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta. There were reports that the head honchos of CTE and MMG confronted each other and then claims that the conflict spread to the parking lot. Well I happen to have some inside information of what went down but I wanted to wait until I had visual evidende to support what I’ve been told by people from the camps directly involved.

1. There was some sort of dispute or verbal exchange between 50 Cent after he was approached by 2 Chainz who came up to show him love, Fiddy dissed 2 Chainz and then had words for others (I’m told Diddy but not 100% sure). That explains why Gunplay made a run for Titty Two Necklace trailor and he comes out at the end of the clip. Also, let’s not forget Decatur Dan wasn’t happy about the video remix 50 Cent did of “Riot”.

2. While in the trailor area, somehow Gunplay got into it with Curtis associates from G-Unit/Rida Gang. Don Logan did get jumped by 5 people but not before he caught someone’s fade.

3. One of the people involved was Mike Knox, a G-Unit affiliate from Philly. He is the guy Gunplay is administering the fade to. You can see his photo from earlier that day below, same shirt/outfit.

4. According to several of my sources, there were no gun shots. That’s twitter for you. My sources also confirm that Gunplay was not arrested, he was detained for a short period of time but I’m told directly from someone close to Gunplay that he was NOT arrested.

5. The video shows the brawl and the picture shows Gunplay being aided by EMT’s after everything went down. Keep in mind both the clip and photos are cell phone quality but I think we all know what Gunplay’s fuzzy dreads look like, right? right.