@AzizAnsari and @KanyeWest go back a few years now, so it was only right that Kanye gave Aziz a role in his new short film Cruel Summer. When asked about how the role came about, Aziz revealed that Kanye kept the details to a minimum.

“I just did a small, one-day thing in it. He was just like, ‘We’re doing this movie. It’s gonna be on seven screens, and it’s called ‘Cruel Summer.’ Do you want to do a thing in it? And I was, like, ‘Sure.'”

When asked whether or not he had seen the film, surprisingly he had not.

“I haven’t seen it yet! I haven’t been around a theater that had seven screens, which is necessary to experience it.

Kanye plans to bring his movie, which requires 7 screens Stateside, something Aziz sees know problem with.

“He builds them! In Cannes, he, like, built the installations.”

Here’s hoping Kanye does somehow come through with bringing the full film experience Stateside / to Europe, I need to see it!