@SnoopDogg @realWizKhalifa take a break from rolling up to be on Rolling Out. Read the excerpts below, about you guessed it…weed. Watch The Stoned.

You guys don’t hide your love for marijuana. What are your thoughts on the potential legalization of marijuana?
Snoop: We want it to be legal because it does a lot of good for people. It helps in different medical situations. Drugs such as alcohol and tobacco kill more people annually than marijuana has killed in 20 years. If we can legalize it, tax it, and sell it out of the front door instead of the back door, we could probably eliminate some of the problems that we’re having in America.

Do you believe that a lot of people who are caught with marijuana are given prison sentences that are too harsh?
Snoop: You have a lot of white celebrity females who have been caught with cocaine numerous times and they get a slap on the wrist. They’ll get 10 days in jail or rehabilitation. And cocaine is a controlled substance. It’s a drug that can speed your heart rate up. I sold cocaine for years, so I know the effects of it. You have someone who sells weed and they’ll get three or four years. … Some laws are made for blacks and some laws are made for white people.

What do you say to people who may believe that you are promoting its use?
Snoop: We push having a good time with ourselves and not pushing it on you. We celebrate marijuana because of the joy it brings us. Our relationship was us enjoying that first. Once we put one in the air, we could talk about anything.
Wiz: Some people take a little here and there. Whatever gets you by. We don’t encourage marijuana use for people to be doing what we’re doing. We celebrate it because of how it makes us feel.