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Roca Acosta Reacts To Wale Apology

@RosaAcosta believes in turning the other cheek….maybe when she’s posing for a Men’s magazine, cause forgiveness doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Wale. The two who were aboard the Heineken tour earlier this summer, got into a feud via Twitter. Since then, Ralph has issued an apology to the vixen, but according to this recent interview it seems too late to apologize, word to One Republic. God Forgives, Rosa Don’t.

LCN: As you know, I follow you… I want to know; what the hell happened between you and Wale? Emotions were touched but you never really addressed the jabs he threw at you on twitter to avoid conflict & “twitter beef” Is everything cool between you two?

ROSA: I love when people talk about me but I don’t talk about them. It only shows how insignificant they are to me but how important I am to them. But there is this misconception about rappers and males in general that they don’t have feelings or cry and I thought it was very nice from him to show otherwise. He sounded really cute crying all over twitter and interviews. God bless him…

LCN: Wow, ironically I just got word that Wale JUST apologized for the twitter beef with you on Funk Master Flex Show while promoting his album Ambition on Hot 97…
ROSA: I haven’t heard that interview and won’t bother in doing that because I DON’T need an apology from him. He is insignificant to me. I wish him the best and may God bless him. From the very beginning I could be responding to him in the same immature, disrespectful way he did. But I prefer to sit, watch, and laugh at the whole thing. That is if I actually had the time to sit and watch. I am too busy living my life to care about stupidity.