Come back in July (4th?) and tell me if I was wrong. I doubt it tho *shrugs*. This slightly varies from the one that was put out earlier this month.

1: Lift Off
2: Niggas in Paris
3: PrimeTime
4: New Day
5: Living So Italian
6: Otis Redding
7: No Church In a While
8: I Can’t Stop/Spazz/Murder to Excellence (3 songs on one track)
9: Sweet Baby Jesus
10: Love You So
11: H.A.M

Editor’s Note: While attending Rocawear’s Styling Suite event, I had a chance run in with John Meneilly, much like the one Theophilus London had, I suppose. Now, in a room full of crowded people, music, wine flowing, delicious food and free clothes, I had to double check with the Roc Nation mogul on these crucial details. The first time around I thought he said July 4th, I heard wrong. He comes back around the room while I’m standing with some colleagues from VIBE and I asked him to clear up the floating rumors. He obliged and debunked that the album was dropping on the 4th. Stating “Nothing is happening on July 4th”, which conflicts with other reports, but he continued “in a few weeks though (in July), it’s coming”, which coincides more with what Theophilus was told. However, a very good source says someone with in the Kanye camp said July 4th, so who knows? but I’m gonna go with what I was told to my face which is NO July 4th release date. Anyway, yeah tracklist above.