Artwork by IamBoiGenius x DDotOmen

Our pal @AsherRoth has been sitting on this heat rock and tonight WE’VE decided to unleash it. Seems fitting since it’s the Western Conference Finals tonight, right? Last Man Standing is a new joint off Asher’s sophomore album, which is no longer The Spaghetti Tree. Rawth let go of a snippet of the Akon assisted and Oren Yoel produced song a few weeks ago and due to popular demand here’s the full version.


On a serious note. Someone tell Steve Rifkind to let us get this album already, it’s turning into a Lupe Fiasco (See what I did there?). I probably shouldn’t be talking about this, let alone putting the song out, but an injustice anywhere, is an injustice everywhere. Call me Scruff Mcgruff and I’m taking a bite out of the crime certain UMG execs are committing, you know who you are. Instead of chasing the next big thing, how bout you push the product you already got? So yeah, Scooter has my number. Hit my phone, let’s get this ball rollin.