If you’re scratching your head wondering who @Hitboy_SC is, ball up the hand your scratching with into a fist and punch yourself upside the dome. After you pressure a bag of ice to your bruise, get acquainted with the newest In-House Producer at Kanye’s imprint, G.O.O.D Music. While most people use Twitter to #ThankYouBasedGod, Chauncey Hollis expressed gratitude toward Mr. West

“Once again shoutout to Kanye West for allowing me this opp[ortunity]. Surf Club x G.O.O.D”.

Hit-Boy, a California native, is 1 ½ of the production duo; Hit-Boy & Chase N. Cashe and member of the Surf Club collective. He’s been making waves on the scene since producing the platinum single “Drop The World” for Lil Wayne, as the New Orleans rapper first collaboration with Eminem, off the certified Gold Rebirth album.

Apart from his teamwork, the 23 year old beatsmith has been working closely with Kanye West and newest recruit Pusha T, earning credits for supplying heat to Yeezy’s holiday hit, Christmas In Harlem, and even more recent Pusha Thornton’s single My God. There’s even a clip where the actively rhyming half of Clipse performs the track with Hit-Boy present. Still not sold on this guy? Well, we didn’t want to alarm you but word has it, Hit-Boy has made some contributions to Ye and Jay-Z’s highly anticipated duet album, Watch The Throne.

With that said, producers watch him work, haters watch the charts, cause whether you like it or not, Hit-Boy will be hanging around for a while. Congrats to the homie who was kind enough to give us the exclusive drop and confirm it to me directly.

Editor’s Note: I wish I could show ya’ll the email he got from Kanye but I’m afraid of the illuminati, b.