@JoeBudden adds insult to injury calling into Power 105.1 to talk to The Breakfast Club during their “Hoes Into Housewive” segment. As if the Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 3 wasn’t enough, Verified goes in on his former girlfriend Esther Baxter by exposing that she cheated on him, he spoke to the dude she was creeping with and got the truth, who turned out to be NFL Player Houston Texans Running Back, Derrick Ward. To make matters worst, Budden also claims Esther was pregnant with his seed during the affair. He also reveals that he’s made amends with Tahiry and even slept on her couch during the ordeal, which is probably the only good thing out of the situation, that he reconciled with her. But damn, what a DeceptiCUNT.

DOWNLOAD: Joe Budden Airs Out Esther Baxter