Lil Wayne known as @lilTunechi now on Twitter, had the cameras rolling on his final days of freedom before checking into Rikers Island on March 2nd. DJ Scoob Doo recorded this clip of Weezy breaking down his nickname.

“I just opened that up,” Weezy said. “I got almost 200,000 followers. I need more followers. I saw Drake had like 400,000 followers. I need more followers than Drake.”

Wayne then gave background on his nickname.

My nickname is Lil Tune — my grandmother named me that,” he explained. “She’s passed. My grandmother, her name was Mercedes Carter. She named me Lil Tune. We just threw the ‘Chi’ on there. Like Gucci, I say ‘Tunechi!’ ”


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  • Bajie Roscoe

    we love u ………..Lil Tune……..we cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leanne

    im happy you can live freely again!!!!!!!! You deserve a comfy bed and good food. and to see your family. love you !

  • blue tee. suwoop?

  • Mike

    he’s so high LMFAO

  • Panda Paw

    Yo lil’ tunechi…you need to swap out those fire alarm batteries son. beep!

  • mze-doni

    u r welcme tuchi,..we expect more than our heads can house.,MULLAH!..hahaha,

  • mze-doni

    …i 4got,..and by th way..,my name is mze-donCHI.

  • Meka boo

    I ♥ love Lil’Wayne or better known as Lil’Tunechi

  • Will

    Lil Wayne looked so happy and vibrant. I like the sober Wayne.

  • i agree. the sober tenuchi is great. he is my favorite rapper of all time and he needs to keep up the good work!!! i really like the new song called the motto ft.drake,lil wayne,and tyga. oh, and wayne, if u r reading this then, give me a shoutout to my boi tyga! ahaaaaa! YMCMB

  • man, wayne, u r the best man. keep up the good work man. i hope we can see each other again to put together a masterpiece. haha. YMCMB

  • El’mak

    lil tunechi yeah like gucci,hopin t ce ya in YMCMB…….tunechi

  • KEKE


  • I apprct all my lovers DECEMBER IS GONMA BE HOOT

  • Dr. Cruz

    Tunechi, straight up, you da man!

  • Tunechi your the man…yah weezy F… All hail weezy!! Life is a movie!! *blunt blowing is my fav song* tnx Tunechi… Leratunechi

  • Aaralyn

    Tunechi’s back. Shout out to mr Carter.


  • Liltunchi u inspire me alot so well done”kazi nzuri.”

  • Splif

    Young weezyy

  • Michelle


  • mr wattz 282

    yo get off dat illuminati shit son…. get like 2pac killuminati nigga but more less help lil boosie 5 n 5tay 0-50 damu not piru

  • fan of lil wayne

    this dude deserves respect his music is beast. Keep making dem good songs Lil “Tunechi”

  • Damn tunchi killz tht niqqa a bby tupac… Yhu qotta qive dat niqqa somee fckin respect keep it upp weezy #YMCMB

  • Chamillion freem

    Tunny you the bomb like tik! Tik!

  • Teejay

    U ar d man lil tunechi…i represent dt name here in nigeria buddy

  • We adore you Lil Tunechi,we can’t wait any longer.

  • Luv u lots TuNeCh¡.. Ur da beast n ua the best. . .

  • #1 Lil Wayne Fan!

    Love lil wayne best rapper ever!

  • cagan estes

    i love u lil tunechi no matter what love ur biggest fan ur tunechi 4 evea

  • YMCMB! I salute u Lil Tune ,u da HIpHOp umpire ,da best rapper alive ,keep on stunnin on dat good music, Peace!

  • Holla @ ma boi lil tune u r d greatest!!!

  • T-kane

    Yo nigga tune u da shit needa halla at ya boy

  • Nobby young slim

    Hey tunechi gucci…..we luv u men….u jus keep doin u!!!!!!

  • Wane/ tunechi is gay

  • SpArKs


  • Micelle

    Lil wayne u the shit man i own three of ur cds and dude u be saying some ungodly things

  • Koketso vista.

    Y0h tunchi man,big up 2ya.kip 0n p0pping gud hip h0p f0ur year 0ld daughter can sing ya trak ”g0ssip” she lvz ya al0t.big up mr carter.

  • tupac

    Ol tunechi punk.”I don’t even no how to rap you want me to spit”lookin ass

  • Khosta

    I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING 2 is the dopest album from him, even the carter 3 was challenged. He killed the intro and Back to you kinda made me cry

  • Lil tunechi is the stupidest nickname ever u rapp pretty koo kno bu dnt b puttin tunechi on ur songs foo!!!!!!

  • Allen whiteelk vandemarr

    My niggas you’ll be talkin some mad shit bout the grates rapper in history.
    Need watch wacha say cause me weezy well
    Exuse me lil tunechi I think I’d spell it I really hope I splt
    Your name right dog?????


  • Allen whiteelk vandemarr

    !!!!!!!!!!!!Living freely brother!!!!!!!!!!!


    Man, fuck these hataz… Keep putin it in they face…. Lil tunechi bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ab-dullah Butcher

    The nigga saw “Hoodlum” saw the character Tenechi on there…jacked the name. Thats it.

  • Dana Casteel

    Un-delyrical Gangsta….Turn it up!!!

  • Dana Casteel

    You know i did, went out there and took my name! Big Smiles!