Alright so @Currensy_Spitta was recently spotted sporting the infamous Roc-A-Fella chain, often given to artists on the roster of the former dynasty and even sometimes to extended family/associates such as Wale, Lebron James, Jadakiss and others. This raised a lot of questions seeing how the New Orleans rapper has been seen around in the company of The ROC’s co-founder, Dame Dash.

So I put on my detective hat and didn’t have to investigate far, in the beginning of Curren$y’s new video trailer, you see clear as day BluRoc, which raised a flag. I then went on to find out more about what BluRoc, as I’m familiar with BlakRoc (which Dame Dash also participated in).

Lo and behold…BluRoc is a record company with Dame Dash presumably at the helm considering his DD172 logo is located on the labels homepage.

Not only that but they have an event coming up in March.