Erik put together a mixtape and sent a message with it:

“The Chixtape” is a concept I came up with back in high-school…and it is by no means a mushy-gushy I-love-you-like-cooked-food kinda thing. It goes without saying that relationships (and male/female interactions in general) have their ups and downs. By compiling these tracks (new AND old) I tried to scratch the surface on some of my experiences…and the experiences of people around me (as inspiration comes from anywhere).

There’s been a bit of confusion about the “special features” that I have records with. Joe Budden, Big Sean, and Chrisette Michele are all on “The Delivery Boy”, not “The Chixtape”. This project was just to give you guys something to hold on to and something for me to do as I wait for these amazing artists to send me what I need left from them.

DOWNLOAD: Erik Flowchild – The CHIXTape (Mixtape)